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Information Technology has been incorporated in schools and universities by a large scale. Day to day activities are performed on cloud based environment, hence having quick access to documents at all times. Web based access and subscription based pricing is reducing cost for institutions and is giving companies new ideas to work on and implement.

This infographic looks at the benefits of being cloud based including cost effectiveness, fast access, and reliability. The graphic is neatly designed and lays out the information with statistics in a neat, user friendly way. Thanks to our regular contributor Muhammad for this share.


Source: OnlineColleges.net

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With new technological innovations everyday, multitasking and the way we do things has taken a new approach. For instance, just look at browser and see how many tabs or windows you have open at the same time!. Multi tasking is growing and has become a major part of our daily lives. This infographic deals with the information overload caused because of this new yet efficient habit we have developed. The amount of media we used to consume has went from 5 hours to 12 hours in 60 years, which has its own cons developed into it.

Enlarge the image and have an overview of information overload, limits of multitasking and lifestyle, health consequences and what can help.

Digital Stress and Your Brain
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Cheating and plagiarism is an old phenomena and has gained popularity since the evolution of online education. This infographic shared by our regular contributor looks at some statistics related to online students and plagiarism. We look at the popularity of online courses, people’s opinion about online courses, and some new implementations which can prevent online students from cheating. Click on the image to enlarge.

Do Online Students Cheat More Often?
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Online education has gained popularity after a number of barriers that prevented students from getting education in college or university. Now, students can enrol in online courses for a number of different programs offered by different colleges and universities. This infographic gives us an overview of online courses, success stories, and popular online academies and institutes which offer variety of online courses.

The World of Massive Open Online Courses
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The most famous scam these days (which was in media recently as well) comes as a phone call from Microsoft!. You end up giving access to your personal computer unknowingly and the next result is disastrous. It is a big scam and they want you to use your credit card in order to gain access back to your machine. Moving on, as the internet grows bigger and wilder; internet scams and different schemes to go around with them come to life every day. Number of internet scams registered are growing day by day ending up in huge financial and data losses.

This infographic shared by our regular contributor, looks at number of complaints, financial loss, internet schemes, their origins, and prevention tips. Around 66% of these scams come from United States.  Click the image to enlarge. Feel free to comment and share.

International Internet Scam Hotspots
Source: backgroundcheck.org

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This infographic looks at the overall shift from print to digital media when it comes to reading. The flow of tablets and specific electronic book readers in the recent years has increased by huge numbers. And the purpose is not the same again. With reading, we get more such as audio podcasts, and apps when looking at full tablets (iOS, Android). Titled eBook Nation, we find facts like tablet brands owned, readers profile, and available formats. Enjoy and feel free to share and comment as well.

E-book Nation
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Groupon, as we all know is one of the largest provider of daily deals online. Started around 2007, the company established its name in giving out great daily deals and promotions. Soon starting to face some serious competition, and financial crunch affecting Groupon. Every other year, shares kept on going down causing a lot of financial stress for the name it self. Recently Groupon follows a formal investigation by the Securities and Exchange Commission. This infographic, neatly designed and put together, looks at company’s financial history, timeline of events, controversies, and problems.

A great graphic, laying out information in a very calm and decent tones.

Groupon’s SEC Trouble

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Not long ago, we shared a graphic which highlights some of the concerns about smartphones and what they can reveal about us. Indeed, another infographic dedicated to one of the most precious devices in many of our lives. Personal in nature, this companion is capable of doing way more than just placing a call or sending a SMS, if so. Moreover, email, banking, online purchases, business apps and the list keeps on going on. A quick tap would take you towards the certain task required to perform. Prices vary for these devices as well and for an average person it might not be one of the purchases he or she could do more frequently.

Losing a smartphone can bring ones life upside down, at-least for a day. Hard to believe, each day $7 million worth of phones are lost globally. Losing is the device is one factor, yet all the data and information going viral is another big one. Lookout, A mobile security firm claims that nearly $30 billion worth devices would be lost in the States alone this year. (2012). Have a look at the facts and figure. And start thinking about overcoming this huge issue.

The World of Lost Smartphones
Courtesy of: Background Check Blog

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Previously we shared a graphic giving an outlook at number of IT records in Security Breach in 2011. This time, we bring you another interesting infographic, highlighting the same issue but in a broader spectrum. Since 2004, Verizon has been tracking data breaches in United States. We look at some interesting yet not so-comforting numbers about data breaches. We find out about how breaches occur, common things between them, who is behind all this, origins from where these breaches take birth, victims and what should be done to prevent it.

The State of IT Security
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Google has made it big, since its incorporation in 1998. As we all know, Google unofficial corporate motto talks about not being evil to consumers. But is it so practically?!. Many might question and think that company’s motto has changed after all. Google did achieve some big goals in this long journey (YouTube), but then there were also some huge privacy concerns (Street View).

This infographic titled ‘Mother, Can I trust Google?’, looks at company’s timeline, issues and problems faced during this whole era. (click to enlarge image).

Mother, Can I Trust Google?Source: Online Background Check Guide