22 Productivity Apps That Will Make A Difference In Life

App stores have gazillions of applications available as of today. These apps are not limited to mobile devices. They are also web apps which are extremely responsive and interactive. Life has changed; and the utilization of applications has changed similarly. With a number of tasks being performed on daily basis – its necessary to get productive; organize the work and tasks associated with them and delivery. That gives birth to a whole category of apps  called productivity. This could include apps which could help with managing tasks; reminders; notifications; focus, and the list goes on.

This infographics shared at visme blog – highlights 22 important applications which can make a huge difference in individuals life on daily basis. The creator of infographic calls it out as ‘Timelord’ – which is true in its essence. Graphic has a simplified design with information present as directed. It’s easy to go through and highlights the information which is easily caught by the viewer. Colour selection seems a bit dull. However it still serves the purpose and gives out information. Apps are displayed in categories within the graphic. In addition, it makes it easier for the user for the intent and use of app.

In conclusion, email and communication, meetings, improving focus, getting things done, staying organized and productivity in everyday life are the categories identified in this infographic in relation to Productivity Apps. Want to try any of these apps (if you haven’t) – head to your app store and search for the app name.

22 Productivity Apps That Will Make A Difference In Life

This infographic was created by the creator using Visme.co – a free online tool to create presentations; infographic and marketing material.

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