Extract 70 Types of Compressed Files With Archive Extractor Online

Most common formats can be extracted quickly but what if it’s unique? This tool which sits on the web called Archive Extractor allows you to quickly extract files in the browser and visually see them. You can further select the specific one needed to download it (with a simple click). An extremely simple yet handy web app which could come to rescue anyone carrying those ‘other’ formats.

Add a file from your computer, Google Drive, Dropbox or a URL. As soon as the file is selected – the extraction process starts. A progress bar is visible and once complete – the extracted files are visible.

archive extractor online

Archive Extractor Online Supported Formats

Archive Extractor online supports following formats:
7z, zipx, rar, tar, exe, dmg, iso, zip, msi, nrg, gz, cab, bz2, wim, acealz, ar, arc, arj, bin, cdi, chm, cpt, cpio, cramfs, crunch, deb, dd, dms, ext, fat, format, gpt, hfs, ihex, lbr, lzh, lzma, lzm, mbr, mdf, nsa, nds, nsis, ntfs, pit, pak, pdf, pp, qcow2, rpm, sar, squashfs, squeeze, sit, sitx, swf, udf, uefi, vdi, vhd, vmdk, warc, xar, xz, z, zoo, zi, jar

Lastly, Archive Extractor also supported password-protected archives and can unpack multi-part archives (e.g. zip.001, rar.part1, etc.)

This is definitely the tool to bookmark for day-to-day use. It’s a nice way to quickly extract – and grab what you need. That simple.


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