8 Common Misconceptions about Refurbished Macbooks

Generally, as tech users – we are not to keen on buying refurbished / used technology. This applies to all sorts of consumer technology out there. Things go a different route considering a new device model shows up every other year and the process around decisioning to buy a new device vs purchasing a used or refurbished one kicks in. Financial constrains become a key factor in assessing the device purchase.

On the contrary, buying refurbished Apple products has a different market all together. Consumers tend to buy refurbished / even used Apple products. This is not limited to iPhones but also MacBooks. There are some general misconceptions about purchasing refurbished MacBooks. This informatory infographic (below in the post) created by macs4u.com – highlights some of the key misconceptions about refurbished laptops.

infographic about 8 misconceptions about refurbished macbooks

source: https://www.macs4u.com/blog/truth-behind-common-misconceptions-refurbished-macbooks-infographic/