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8 Useful Infographics Related to User Experience

UX has been the marvel in the design world. The key: is that awesome process of creating products that provide a meaningful and relevant experience to its end users.  By exact definition, UX encompasses all aspects of the end-users interaction with the company, its services, and its products. First requirement or feature is to meet the exact need of the customer. Next up comes simplicity and elegance that produce products that are fun to own. A high quality, high performing user experience would give the end user a seamless experience around different services and products altogether.

In this post; we are going to share some interesting infographics related to User Experience.

UX vs UI

Shared by the NineHertz blog; here we visualize and understand the difference between UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) design. The infographic highlights the key differences, elements, requirements to be a designer and concept for both designing experiences.

Product Usage by Job Title

Next up, another interesting hit in the User Experience world. This one explores product usage around different roles within UX careers. These include User Experience Researcher, Information Architect, Interaction Designer, User Interface Designer, User Interface Developer, and User Experience Practice Lead.

product usage by job title

Designed by Jeff Bryant

Why UX Matters to Marketing

Marketing is fundamental to any successful product (apart from the user experience and the solution it is providing). User experience becomes critical to marketing in a number of ways. Successful UX incorporates and considers several elements such as value, usability, functionality, adaptability, navigation, and design. Webfx published an interesting infographic which visualizes the importance of UX to marketing.

UX Marketing: Why What and How?

Infographic Source

UX Process Cheat Sheet

As the name explains it; this is a useful UX process cheat sheet. This highlights the activities within the product and service design cycle. A must-have for new intermediate UX designers. This was published by Nielsen Norman Group on an article late last year (2017).

ux cheat sheet

UX Design Cheat Sheet

Infographic source

The Laws of UX

The laws of UX published @ toptal highlights the laws of User Experience. Whether being a designer; we acknowledge it or not – they exist, they rule and they operate.

Infographic by:

Case Study Roadmap

Another interesting one by Jeff Bryant which talks about a high-level case study roadmap within the UX world. The journey starts with the challenge, research, setting up IA, designing and then the takeaways. A good infographic for print.


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