A Look At Apple In-Store Retail [Infographic]

Apple, as we all know is the most valuable public company in the world. Why? Because its worth more than $400 billion. That’s a huge amount for a technology giant. Apart from their products, big growth rate comes in from their huge spending on marketing campaigns. Moving on, this infographic looks at the idea of Apple’s in-store retail. The design is spread out in separate rows which highlights a unique topic related to the title i.e. world wide retail stores, total employees, sales, and comparison to other retailers. Its simple in design and not too much information is spread all over the place. Even data distribution in rows makes it easy for reader to digest the data with design.

Click here, if you’d like to look at another infographic which highlights advertisement spending for tech giants such as Apple, Google etc.

Thanks to Jen for sharing this graphic with WT.

source: onlinemba.com

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