Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Animate Text on Android in 2 Steps and Share as GIF / MP4 with Legend

Stupeflix, the creators of an awesome movie maker tool right from your browser have an interesting app fleeting in Google Play Store. It is called Legend. The name is completely contrary to what the functionality of the app is but regardless it is a legend. Why so? In our day-to-day or what more call as ‘business as usual’ – we end up sharing numerous photos via different communication channels. Interestingly all of them would be residing on a fast processing device or more so a smartphone. There are instances where we desperately want to animate text with a background image(s). Add a flare to existing images before we share, make them funny, convert them into memes and the list goes on.

Legend – Animate Text?

Legend allows the user to portray words in motion with a picture as a background. After installing the app from PlayStore; a screen will be presented to enter text. On the second as well as the last tap within Legend app – user can select the animation style for text. Color and background combination is the second step to this. While doing so – the user is continuously being presented with the render based on the text and color selections.

a quick search on Flickr can be done from the app to import a photo. Camera can be triggered right from the app to capture a photo instantly.

Legend screenshotlegend screenshot

The app comes with 20 text animation styles. Each one of them is unique in terms of font utilization and effects encompassing it. The user has the ability to add a picture as background and save the animation as a video file or gif. The format can be selected by a quick tap on settings. Three sizes can be used for output including 1090p. The animator can also select the format to be square image or landscape. This is also dependent on the background image selection being made as well as the device support.  Here is an output of what was created using Legend. Quite neat!

Some extras to keep in mind while creating fun animations are: text written can be up to 100 characters and the created Legends (GIF / mp4) are 6 seconds long. Once the app is downloaded; 6 animations are free of cost. Whereas; all premium styles can be bought within the app. Legend has made it to our inventory because of what it provides. It’s simple, fast and does the job in the best possible way. App has more than 5 million downloads and has received updates in relation to user experience and cropping tool. Give it a try and share your experience.

Download Legend for Android.




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