Apple Vs Samsung And Campaign Against Giant Google [Video Graphic]

As we all know by now that Samsung was convicted recently and had to pay a huge fine to Apple. There can be a number of predictions / conspiracies involved but both companies are big when it comes to development and market share. This video graphic designed and developed by looks at this issue and how it can impact $200 billion smartphone / tablet industry.

For Apple, its more of targeting rival company Google and its Android platform. Android holds more than 60% of the global smartphone share, while Apple iOS stays at 17%. Apple is struggling in courts all over the world and Samsung concentrating more on their devices; both tablets and smartphones. Seems like, Apple has adapted a new policy but again the decision is to be left on consumers. Because serving both as judge and jury, they can make the decision. Click the play button to view this video graphic. Feel free to share and comment.


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