Backup Android Files And Settings To Secure G Cloud With Restore Options

Keeping a backup is a MUST, when it comes to personal computing devices. Be it computers, smartphones, tablets and what-not!. Smartphone usage has grown immensely in the last 5 years or so. Consumers are willing to save as much time possible to automate tasks on their personal devices. Having a complete backup becomes an important aspect.

We have covered some versatile applications for Android OS which let users automate tasks and settings. Gcloud is one such app, which allows users to automatically and securely backup data from smartphone to an online secure cloud. User can easily restore from created backup at any point in time, on any device.  Once initial setup is done, user is allocated 1 GB of dedicated space which is not enough as compared to other secure cloud storage providers. But users, can earn up to 8 GB more for free by following some steps. Which include: writing a review about the app, invite friends, share and like on Facebook, and Tweet about Gcloud or follow Gcloud on twitter.

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After installation, user is presented with a dashboard on the screen. Files, folders and required data which is to be backed up can be selected. Backup from attached SD Card becomes available as well. Contacts, call logs, messages, photos, videos, music, documents, system settings and browser data can be selected. Total size would be calculated and displayed on the app screen (at all times). A quick tap on Backup Now would transfer selected data onto Gcloud.

To restore onto a new or existing device; simply install the application, login with user credentials and navigate to Restore screen. Available folders would appear which can be restored. Select folders and hit restore. By accessing app settings, user can enable notifications, set a backup schedule, change battery saver level, account settings, delete files from backup and more.

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Feel free to try Gcloud. We have successfully tested it on devices such as Nexus S, Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4 and Samsung Note. Ability to backup system settings and browser data is a plus point for this application. Its fast, secure and easily retrievable. And can easily be said that Gcloud is an Android app which allows users to easily backup their device without having root access.



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