Top 5 Best Must Have Android Live Wallpapers [WT Picks]


wow-techy-android-live-wallpapers-best-picksLive wallpapers? Even more importantly top 5? Gadgety says” live wallpapers on Android sucks..well except few”. After gadgeti’s aggressive comments we all agreed to rank 5 best based on few categories such as style, battery usage, interaction experience and overall look. Well let’s get to it.

image# 1 Earth Rot

Amazing wallpaper. Basically displays the earth rotating on your phone screen with many other maps to choose from, such as Jupiter, mars, even a soccer ball!
Mullah gadgeti says  “little too much” and we agree. Battery usage is excellent. Very limited interation on touch. Features of this wallpaper are crazzzzy! Y axis to x axis, natural rotation of earth. Recommended feature is the map named real time- earth+ clouds and earth night lights and set it to natural earth rotation through settings. Amazing!image
We rate this one 4.5/5.



image# 2 City At Night

City at night stands up for its name. You got yourself a pretty city at night with plane going through the clouds and city traffic flowing by with high rise buildings. Over all style is classy with very limited battery usage and little options to play around. Overall a very delicate and simple. Enough to make gadgety change his mind about his harsh comments.
We rate this one 3.5/5






image# 3 Bamboo Tiger

Mullah-gadgeti’s personal favourite! According to him you will unlock your screen over and over again till the free version ends!! And if you have the paid version God help your smart phone. We too share the same opinions. Wallpaper is very stylish with a moving tiger. Its an animated tiger with the matching background that adds to the beauty of the wallpaper. We consider this one a must try be sure to check out the free version. The paid version comes with unlimited animation of the tiger. You also get few more tiger animations and background options. Battery usage is very less like all the others.image Interaction on touch is limited.
We rate this one 4.9/5

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image# 4 Shadow Galaxy

Only live wallpaper without any options. Well it is still nice enough to make it to our top five due to the simplicity factor in it. Basically you got this sparkling, unique looking galaxy with interesting colors moving around. Zero interaction with the wallpaper and very less battery usage. Overall there can not be much said about this one.
We rate this one 3/5





image# 5 Ninja Mouse

This wallpaper is almost a pass time game as it is very interactive. You can tap on the mouse to make it sit, changing the screen makes the mouse run around, fire flies are shoot-able with the mouse arrows. Does not have any background options. You can only choose between the moon and their logo. Over all stylish and very unique wallpaper. Battery usage is medium. Very limited options for exploring the wallpaper
We rate this one 4.3/5image



So these were WT’s top 5 if you have any submissions for the next live wallpaper review please feel free to leave a comment or email and we will be more than happy to check it out and review it.

* Provided QR codes require a barcode scanner. Search Android Market to download one!



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