Big Internet Data: Importance, Concerns And Limitations [Infographic]

Everything related to Information Technology is data driven. Every moment new data is created resulting from different kind of activities. For instance, if we look at internet. Data and information is available in infinite quantity and it keeps on expanding. New data keeps on driving out from it, with new flows and processes. Data is always getting generated in one form or other. Be it the data from the satellites or data that is collected when you move around in your daily life with your smartphone. Data has always helped humans in analyzing different things and behaviors.  Future can be expected to great with this enormous flow of data but one must realize how efficiently it is used and what are the limitations to it. This information graphic looks at how big data impacts us and what are the future consequences.

The infographic is very neatly designed, with decent selection made towards color and layout. Facts and figures are easily readable  and this information graphic can surely make it to a printer and later on to the wall. Feel free to share.


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