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Control / Manage Android Apps From Desktop Browser With LazyDroid


imageAlways looking for ways to control your phone wirelessly in a better way?! file transfer over the air? quick access to contacts and sms message?! and moreover, live camera as well with some control!. Well finally, we have Lazy Droid, a web desktop application which lets you take full control of your Android device wirelessly by accessing a unique URL via your desktop browser.

This is currently a beta release, and when tested, worked out up to expectations. Once the app is installed on your device, a unique address will be generated for you with a green ‘ON’ button, and server status. From the settings of the app you can set a unique username and password which helps you secure the process of you accessing the device from the browser. Users can use dynamic DNS as well as enable WiFi to remain on at all times and start LazyDroid at boot.


Moving on to the Lazy Droid Web Desktop screen, you will see applications like sms, contacts, call handler, camera, remote view, sensors, clipboard and file manager.  Call Handler is a neat feature in this great desktop affiliated app. As soon as your phone starts ringing, it will appear on desktop and you can decide to answer / refuse the call.lazy-droid-desktop2-wowtechy

File Manager, lets you navigate your device memory with the options of download, upload, delete, move, create directory, preview, view mode and sort. Files can be opened quickly by simply double clicking on the icons.


One of the key feature analyzed was that the camera application lets you stream your device camera. Streaming can be done in two modes, slow and fast. Quality, resolution and Fps can also be controlled. Hopefully a record feature could be seen in any coming update of LazyDroid.

lazy-droid-desktop4-wowtechyLastly, a great Android app which is still in its beta version. We would expect some more features in coming updates. Do give it a try and feel free to recommend us any similar app to test and review.

imageTo download
– scan the QR code
– or search LazyDroid  in Market

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