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A touch screen and the ability to create decent music beats! mentioned combo works out great. Users can find a number of different music creation apps on Google Play Market, but mostly paid. We had a chance to test out GrooveMixer for Android. And it can be said that it is a simple and easy to use pattern sequencer with channel mixer. The application is simple to the point that user can create beats based on different patterns, sequence them and later on export them to .wav file.

Some key features include drum machine with 256 patterns, volume mixer with mono/solo buttons, step sequence with 8 channels,and BPM control (Beats Per Minute 60-255). User can easily save and load beats. Exportation to wav file is even useful for any other usage. One great feature is unlimited song lengths available when creating patterns. User can load samples from SD card as well. Download, install and open the application. Do a quick run down of tutorial. If not, simply jump into the main screen and start creating sequences for patterns. Create further patterns and mix them. At the end enjoy the great loop and feel free to share it on SoundCloud or export to WAV.


Single Pattern screens – added loops  / beats


Main Patterns screen


Volume Mixer Screen with mono / solo buttons


Save screen: Allows user to save created patterns as a single file


Beats Per Minute screen (user can set BPM limit 60 – 255)


Export Screen: Exporting as a WAV file or quick share on Soundcloud

The app is neatly designed, is extremely easy to use and the end results are stunning. Ability of more patterns based on different instruments would be great. Hopefully, users can have that in any coming updates. Interestingly, some days ago; developers released an update which adds a step-by-step tutorial for new users of how to create a simple beat. We would highly recommend this application for any beat makers out there. Possibility of adding your own samples and loops in GrooveMixer is a great plus as well.




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