Create SVG / PNG Background And Assets With Haikei Generator

Looking for a tool to create unique SVG assets for your design projects?. Say hello to Haikei. Haikei is a web based tool which allows you to generate awesome designs and export them as SVG or PNG. Generate neat design assets and utilize them for apps, social media, wallpapers etc. Haikei offers a number of generators and each one of them has a unique set of properties.

Create Blob background by defining a canvas, variant style and position. Add color, define shape complexity, contrast and size. There you go!. Generated Blob background can be used for any project. Other types of background generators include Wave, Blurry Gradient, Circle Scatter, Blob Scene, Layered Waves, Stacked Waves, Blob Scatter, Low Poly Grid, Layered Peaks, Stacked Peaks, Polygon Scatter, Layered Steps, Stacked Steps and Symbol Scatter.

The list is quite big in terms of what type of generator you are looking for. Haikei app is intuitive and very easy to use. You can easily navigate through different generators using the menu on left. Currently there is a free plan which offers access to 15 generators, export to SVG and PNG, unlimited downloads and 9 basic canvas templates.

A pro plan is expected to launch soon containing additional features such as advanced generator functions, advanced color options, export as code snippets, unlimited high resolution downloads and 40+ canvas templates. We highly recommend Haikei Generators and has made it to our list. Let us know if this worked well for you or a better alternate you are using. Thanks for reading.

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