Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Dash Light: Free Android Flash Widget For Home And Lock Screen

Best Real Time Scenario: You are about to step out of your car, its night time and you dropped something. The bulbs inside are not powerful enough to hover around, inside, underneath the driver or passenger seat. Idea flicks in your mind, and there comes your Android device. Well, problem remains since you have to fiddle around with some taps to unlock the phone, open some flash application or the camera and use the flash light to locate whatever!. The process can be made simple within the same scenario.

Screenshot_2013-03-17-22-50-10 Screenshot_2013-03-17-22-54-14

All you need to do (when visibility is good) is to download Application called Dash Light. Only 72 Kb in size, it acts like a toggle widget. Which can be placed on home-screens as well as lock screen. You will enjoy the benefit of lock screen if your smart Android runs on Jelly Bean. Moreover, from settings > notification label can be enabled to make the process a bit more friendly. After downloading, simply place it on home-screen as a widget. Or, lock your phone and slide to left, Hit the Plus sign and add this toggle widget on lock screen. Its fast as compared to other toggle widgets available just for flash light in Google Market.

User can turn flash light on and off without unlocking the device, right from the lock screen. Some applications have this limitation that an unlock is required. But when it comes to Dash Light, developers made it simple and fast, to the point. Scan the QR code now and give it a try.


via. AndroidPolice

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