Friday, May 29, 2020

Download DamianGTO Ultimate Kernel For Samsung Galaxy S I9000

Good news for Samsung Galaxy S i9000 users; a guy DamianGTO at XDA Forums has developed a new kernel for Samsung Galaxy S i9000. This latest kernel will replace DamianGTO Z4Mod Kernel – his previously made kernel for the same device.

It can also be used in Ultimate Rom for Samsung Galaxy S. This updated kernel has all of the following features included in it:

– Ext2, Ext4, Jfs and rfs file system support.
– Backup/Restore.
– Root (installs busybox 1.18.1 and superuser).
– Theme support with cwm update script.
– 350MB RAM.
– Optimized kernel tweaks.
– low memory killer minfree settings (24MB, 32MB, 48MB or 60MB).
– Deadline schedueler (Optimized).
– Tiny RCU( less memory footprint).
– lowmemorykiller patch.
– Support for
– Made from froyo 2.2.1 source code.
– Initramfs from JS5 kernel.
– Android logging (Off. Soon an option for on).
– Voodoo sound V4.
– Full CWM recovery with alot of extra options.

You can download this kernel from HERE .

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