Download DamianGTO Ultimate Kernel For Samsung Galaxy S I9000


Good news for Samsung Galaxy S i9000 users; a guy DamianGTO at XDA Forums has developed a new kernel for Samsung Galaxy S i9000. This latest kernel will replace DamianGTO Z4Mod Kernel – his previously made kernel for the same device.

Download DamianGTO Ultimate Kernel For Samsung Galaxy S I9000

It can also be used in Ultimate Rom for Samsung Galaxy S. This updated kernel has all of the following features included in it:

– Ext2, Ext4, Jfs and rfs file system support.
– Backup/Restore.
– Root (installs busybox 1.18.1 and superuser).
– Theme support with cwm update script.
– 350MB RAM.
– Optimized kernel tweaks.
– low memory killer minfree settings (24MB, 32MB, 48MB or 60MB).
– Deadline schedueler (Optimized).
– Tiny RCU( less memory footprint).
– lowmemorykiller patch.
– Support for
– Made from froyo 2.2.1 source code.
– Initramfs from JS5 kernel.
– Android logging (Off. Soon an option for on).
– Voodoo sound V4.
– Full CWM recovery with alot of extra options.

You can download this kernel from HERE .



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