Drone Laws Around The World

Drones or more so unmanned aerial vehicles have become very common among consumers. They come in all formats including recreational and professional use. It has become quite a hobby among enthusiasts. With drone flying becoming usual, laws and regulations have been put in place.

This infographic created by Surfshark highlights drone laws around the world. This amazing graphic curates a list of 210 countries and puts them each into a category. There are seven categories defined (after assessing each country’s drone regulation). There are a lot of countries which fall in the outright ban category. There are a lot of countries which still don’t have any drone-related legislation.

The graphic is ‘print out’ material though the data might be outdated (a bit) as it was updated in January 2020.

Drone Laws Infographic

drone laws around the world infographic

To find more details and to get region-specific images, we recommend checking out Surfshark’s article on drone privacy laws. In the end, a great read and hopefully made an impact on the users. Don’t forget to share and comment.