Electric Vehicles – Sales and Usage Around The Globe

Many believe; electric vehicles are the future. But; some believe that it will still take a lot of time to reach that perfection. And; some also consider it as a myth. What? electric vehicles – not a chance!. Things have taken a different turn. We have seen a surge in electric vehicles – not limited to cars. New ventures are coming up – in the likes of electric bikes, trucks, buses and the list goes on and on. Here we share an interesting infographic about Electric vehicles. it sheds some insights into sales and usage of electric vehicles around the world.
Electric Vehicles (EV) enthusiasts can point out many mistakes in this graphic. This graphic wasn’t created by EV experts but the goal was to highlight the sales and usage of EVs around the world. Commons mistakes include the differentiation between plug-ins, hybrids, and EVs. It’s still a good graphic for someone who’s trying to understand how far electric vehicles have come. It highlights the timeline from when it all started till where we are today. Further, we explore – the sales and usage of EVs around the world. Hope you enjoy this share. 

source: teslarati

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