Enable Auto – Answer On Skype For Select Contacts For Free [Tool]

Internet has taken communication to ‘next’ level. Be it the flow of information of the usage of technology such as VOIP, video conferencing and calling etc. When we think about internet calls, one name cannot be dis-regarded. Skype it is! Skype has taken market share by a huge number. Specifically with the flow of smartphones, availability and emergence of internet calling apps and fast data plans. Cutting long story short, this post is exclusively for hardcore Skype users. Automatic answering sure does ring a bell when making internet calls to contacts.

Auto-Answer for Skype is a unique yet simple tool which completely enables users to answer calls automatically from specified contacts. Skype does include auto-answer option but it can only be enabled for all contacts. This small utility makes the option visible for selected contacts. Users can enable ‘start video when auto answering’ and or ‘pause, mute or minimize Windows Media Player or Center when auto answering’.

Note for developers: This tool does allow developers to send API commands and messages by enabling API tool.

Download Auto-Answer For Skype

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