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Mozilla Firefox holds roughly 30% of the total Web Browser market. It has extended its capabilities by being a simple player some years ago to a present browsing power play. Important updates keep on going in and out, though Firefox has seen three major releases. Just like any other major software, there are number of tricks and tweaks available for Firefox, one of them being extensions.

In this article, we will review some of the must have extensions for improvement and changing the overall software environment or look.

Personas Plus

imagePersona Plus is a free extension available to add themes to Firefox. You can choose from more than 180,000 browser themes, from different categories (music, movies, causes, fashion brands etc.)

(add Personas Plus to Firefox)

Download Statusbar

imageView and manage your downloads quickly and easily by installing this specific extension. It adds a tidy status bar in Firefox making you quickly view your current downloads. It’s a great tool, and helps you manage your downloads without the download window getting into your browsing experience.

(add Download Statusbar to Firefox)


imageFireFTP is a great free, cross-platform extension for Firefox. It provides quick and easy access to your FTP servers right from your browser. Features include directory comparison, quick sync while navigation, SFTP, SSL encryption, search / filters, integrity checks, remote editing, drag & drop transfer and much more.

(add FireFTP to Firefox)

Adblock Plus

imageIf you’re a keen to browsing and are annoyed by the ads opening on pages including pop ups. Simply add the Adblock Plus extension. Get full control of the web and browse the way you want to by blocking ads. It is supported by more than 40 filter subscriptions. You can customize your filters with useful features such as option for images, block tab for flash and java objects and remove scripts and style sheets.

(add Adblock Plus to Firefox)


imageGspace extension allows you to use your Gmail web space for file storage. Gmail comes with more than 7 GB of file storage capacity. Gspace acts as an online drive, you can upload files directly and access them anywhere via web. Your Gmail account will act like a FTP server. A great tool for storing and sharing files.

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(removed from extension page)

Tab Mix Plus

imageThis great Firefox extensions completely enhances tab browsing capabilities. Features include duplicating tabs, controlling tab focus, tab clicking options, undo closed tabs and windows, and more. Crash recovery and restore combinations of opened tabs and windows are some key capabilities of this extension present in the built-in session manager.

(add Tab Mix Plus to Firefox)


imageQuickJava extensions allows you to quickly enable / disable Java, Javascript, Flash, Silverlight and images from status bar or tool bar without opening any dialogs. Install the extensions, configure the options to be displayed, customize the status bar and tool bar and that’s it.

(add QuickJava to Firefox)


imageA great extension for graphic designers. ColorZilla extension comes in with an advanced eyedropper, color picker, page zoom-er and more. Get color readings anytime in your browser, adjust them and paste them in another software. Distance can be measured between two points by zooming.

(add ColorZilla to Firefox)


imageWith gTranslate extension, you can quickly translate any text within a webpage by selecting and doing a right-click. This extension uses Google translation API to translate. This is not an official Google extension yet a third party one.

(add gTranslate to Firefox)

There are tons of extensions available, yet these were some useful ones. Feel free to recommend us any and we will re-consider our list.

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