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Free Messaging / File Sharing Messenger For Android

Free Messaging / File Sharing Messenger For Android
Chat Screen With File Sharing
Free Messaging / File Sharing Messenger For Android
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WhatsApp Messenger is a free messaging app available on Android and different platforms. It awsomely’ allows you to freely exchange messages with your friends and family in your contact list. You can use the full capabilities of this app over your data connection provided by carrier or Wi-Fi.

It is a cross platform for messaging and is available for iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokia as well. So any of your contacts who have this app installed no matter what platform they are on, can message you for free with added file sharing.

After installation, the app analyzes your contacts and shows you all the contacts who have the app installed on there end as well. You can refresh your contact list at any time. Set status messages. Key parts of this app is the ‘typing message…’ under the contact and a green check mark right next to the message, once received. Contacts can be blocked as weFree Messaging / File Sharing Messenger For Androidll.

Tell your friends about this app and do free file sharing including photos, videos, audios, and contacts and location.

Scan the QR code to download.

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