Free Tools To Generate Gradient, CSS Patterns, Blob and Doodle Background

Backgrounds for digital purposes have reached new heights in the CSS design world. Designers and developers alike are doing experiments with new frameworks and coming up with great things. Different types and layouts of backgrounds are being created including gradients, patterns, blobs, and doodle backgrounds. MagicPattern was a product that started as a simplified geometric pattern generator. As of now, the product has evolved into a toolbox with free and paid tools. These simple tools are targeted at designers, illustrators, front-end developers, and social media marketers. Therefore, in this article, we are highlighting the free toolsets available at MagicPattern.

Gradient Generator

Gradient generator allows you to create linear, radial, or conic gradients. Define the angle and ‘smoothen’ the generated gradient. Export the generated gradient as a PNG, JPG, or SVG with defined quality. Or simply copy the CSS code for the gradient.

CSS Patterns

Generate quick CSS patterns to utilize as backgrounds using this tool. For instance, set the back and front color, configure opacity and add some spacing. Yes, it’s that simple. You can review different patterns (lines, boxes, diagonal, etc.) as you make changes. Preview the pattern on the page and copy the generated CSS code.

Blob Generator

Create a blob background with Blob Generator. You can define blob fill as a solid color, outline, linear-gradient, radial-gradient, and image. Add a little grain to spice things up and export as an image or CSS code. Afterwards, export the generated blob to an image or grab the CSS code.

Doodle Background

Create free Doodle background using this MagicPattern generator. You can define a colour (with tints and shades), customize the edges and smoothness, and add grain as needed. Export doodle backgrounds as images (PNG, JPG, SVG) only. In conclusion, we gave them a try and were worth sharing. Some of these tools or one of these – might find its way to your list. Do let us know if there are any other better alternates in similar categories. Moreover, other great paid tool offerings include Geometric Patterns, Seamless Patterns, Mesh Gradients, and more. Head over to MagicPattern to find more about these design toolsets.


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