Free Word Cloud / Art Generation Tools

We have all seen word clouds in designs, visual presentations, text books and what not. There are many tools out there on wide web which allows you to easily create these word clouds. In this post, we are sharing list of free word cloud and art generation tools. Some of them do contain paid features. Have a look and do recommend us any which haven’t made it to this list. We will be happy to review and add it here.

wordclouds generator

Create high resolution word cloud images using this app. You can define word list, gap size, fonts and colors. Shape and masks comes in handy and becomes a plus for masked out word cloud generation. There are also many predefined themes which can be applied quickly.

The web app works well with modern browsers on computer and mobile alike.

word cloud generator

Jason Davies WordCloud

WordCloud created by Jason Davies, a visual designer – is a popular word art tool on web. Simply paste your text, define spiral, scale and font. At the end download a SVG as an export.

It’s completely free to use and is one of the most simplified word cloud generators out there.

word art in shapes

This is both free and paid tool. (pricing mainly applies to the image downloads per month). Define words and configure their color, size, angle and fonts. Add shapes, configure layout and finally apply style including animations.

You can export standard PNG and JPEGs. As for vectors, SVG and PDF downloads are available. Animations can be downloaded as html files.

word cloud on html5

HTML5 Word Cloud

One basic and easy to use word cloud generator. Create random designs, change theme and shapes on a single press and edit word list. Lastly hit save and a PNG file will be downloaded automatically.

This web app is quite interactive and content is generated neatly as you progress through different options (for instance: increasing the font size).

simple word cloud generator

WordCloud Generator

WordCloud Generator by MonkeyLearn is another intuitive and simple generator available online. Add text on the first screen and then a random generated cloud will be presented. Moreover, customize the theme, fonts type, color and quantity. Lastly, export your generated art as SVG or PNG.

interactive word cloud generator

Wordsift was mainly created for teachers to help manage the demand of vocabulary and academic language in text materials. It’s an interactive word cloud generator which has Google images integrated (i.e. selection of word from cloud will show related Google images).

Download SVG or PNG of created word cloud for free.

another simple world cloud generator

This simplified word cloud generator was also featured on Product Hunt. Paste text or import a csv, customize from available options and visualize your word art. It’s that simple.

Download created art as a PNG, JPEG or SVG.

words in different sizes word cloud

Word Cloud Generator by Colorschemer

ColorSchemer‘s word generator tool allows you to create word cloud with words in different sizes (of course). Define text, number of words, font, spiral and scale configurations. Hit generate and the design will be presented. Download the art as PNG.

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