Get Windows 8 Tablet / Tiles Menu Look On Your Windows 7 Desktop

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Windows 8 is expected to be released sometime in 2012. As we all know that the Windows 8 Tablet OS was revealed at the D9 conference. A number of new features were introduced including the integration of famous Windows Phone 7 live tiles concept. Keeping it all short, developers are already developing on Windows 8 design tweaks for Windows 7. Windows 8 Menu is one of those applications.

Application still in its beta phases, uses the tile concept neatly. You can add tiles, and change background screens by replacing the images. Once everything is done, run exe file and get a preview of the great concept of Windows 8. Tiles concept is well implemented, move the mouse around to get the full feel of Windows 8. Once the screen is swiped from top, quick web links and applications in full screen mode can be accessed. And once you swipe it to the right, quick links such as search, share, start, connect and settings show up.

Do download this tool on your Windows 7 Tablet and get the full feel.!

Download Windows 8 Menu For Windows 7

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