Google Ranking Factors 2020 Facts & Myths (Infographic)

One crucial thing in any online business is Google ranking factors i.e. how well your business website lists on Google search. There are too many factors involved in the ranking yet some which are commonly known within SEO world are user experience, backlinks, search intent, page speed, content depth, mobile friendliness, and content accuracy. Not to forget, there are some facts and some myths around Google ranking factors.

Moving on, this infographic we are sharing relates to Google Ranking Factors for year 2020. It highlights facts and myths related to domain, content, site structure and code, performance and security, user interactions, and links. The design of the graphic is a bit dry. Font type selection is good as its standing out. But addition of more graphics (icons, etc.) and correct placements would have been a plus point.

Nonetheless, some useful insights related to Google ranking factors – facts and myths.

source: link-assistant

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