How To Change Launch By Default App In Android 4.0


1Almost everyone has two or more browser apps installed on their Android devices. One of our regular readers shared this tip with us. According to him and many, it is a common action done by average smartphone users. Problem comes in when they ignore something minor and end up setting the app as default. Be it a browser or a media player.

Android built has this great feature which allows users to complete an action using all the available apps with similar functionality, i.e. type something on home screen search bar and tap go, it will display all the apps that can perform that action. In this case, browsers.

The quick fix to this minor issue which was caused because of a minor ignorance, is simple. Navigate to device Settings. Scroll down to Apps. Find the app, tap to get further into app information. Scroll down and tap Clear Defaults under Launch By Default. Yes, its that simple. On the contrary, if you tap ‘use by default for this action’ on the ‘Complete action using’ pop up window. It does mention ‘Clear default in Home Settings > Applications > Manage Applications’.

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