How To Easily Search / Download / View Torrent Files On Android

This guide will be useful for those users who love to search and download torrents on personal computers and would like to repeat the same process on their smart devices. Free at many occasions might not be legal in most cases so one has to be careful while proceeding with anything. In this guide we share two apps, which when combined together becomes a fast way to search, download and view torrents on Android devices. For new users, torrent is a file which contains information of the smaller pieces of a big file. Once downloaded, the client (in our case, BitTorrent) starts collecting all the smaller files, hence putting in place the larger unit. Once downloaded and assembled, the file can be executed or viewed.


To easily search and download torrents on your Android device, download the following apps. Scan the QR code or click the link to end up in Google Play Market or simply search it on your device.



Torrent Finder


Open Torrent Finder and enter the keyword required to search.


A number of files would come up based on searched keywords. Tap the file required to download and BitTorrent client would open. Tap ‘Add’ to save the location where file is to be downloaded.


Download will start in BitTorrent client. User can pause the download at any time with removal option as well.


Once the torrent is downloaded, simply tap and file would be viewable. Users are most likely to download video torrents while on WiFi network or unlimited data package. Tap the file once it appears in completed tab and further options would pop up based on what app you want to use to open that specific file. BitTorrent does come with a search option. But it opens up in browser via Google. So definitely, not a friendly way for most users. Search should be as quick as two taps and the file starts downloading.

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