How To Easily Setup iCloud Email On Android Running ICS

A great news for iCloud and Android users! After spending quite some time, we successfully configured iCloud email account onto Galaxy Nexus running stock ICS. The process is simple and works afterall. You can simply setup iCloud email from the default email client application. Launch email app, and add an account.

Add the following settings for incoming mail.


Add username and password credentials. Make sure you to exclude

IMAP server:
Port: 993
Security type: SSL/TLS (Accept all certificates)

 Add the following settings for outgoing mail.


SMTP server:

Port: 587
Security type: STARTTLS (accept all certificates)

Tick ‘Yes’ for Require Sign In and add username /password credentials excluding again.

It works as it did for most users. We tested this out on different Android devices. Different emails were sent and received as a part of testing and workability of account. It was smooth just like other accounts on the device. Give it a try, if having any issues or problems we would be more than happy to help around! Let us know if it worked for you. Not to forget if you have configured iCloud email on your new Android device, but complete iCloud setup remains untouched. To sync the remaining click here to read detailed guide on how to sync iCloud contacts and calendar.