Friday, November 15, 2019

Get Quick Complete Control Over Android Screen Rotations Based On Apps

Rotate feature is great in smart devices but can get annoying at times. Because, you might just not want to rotate the screen while viewing it. Whereas, the way device is rotated, it might change the screen orientation as well. Many users keep their auto-rotation feature off, regardless of what they are doing on their smart device. After some research and development via Google Play Market, I was able to locate one and only rotation control application which would stay in my device for good and for long.

Ultimate Rotation Control is one of a kind. Like the name says, it gives users complete control over screen rotations. Either its your viewing screen, lock screen, or application screen. You can have a dedicated rotation based on the nature of task about to be performed. URC (as we might call it) for Android is simple, easy to use and has a small cost to it. Worries are over, because developers have a free version available in market which can be tried for 7 days with full features. License can be bought for $2.59 CDN.

Screenshot_2013-03-20-16-00-40 Screenshot_2013-03-20-16-01-22

Moving on, after successful installation and notification icon would appear. Three quick settings are available based on user preferences: Auto, forced auto and portrait. These can be further adjusted from application settings. Available rotations which can be picked anytime are:

– Auto
– Forced Auto
– Lock Current
– Auto Portrait
– Portrait
– Reverse Portrait
– Auto Landscape
– Landscape
– Reverse Landscape
– Manual

From the same settings, rotations can be set either for a dedicated application or globally (for all tasks). Settings allow you to adjust global rotation and rotation choices. Notification and selection popup can be enabled / disabled from same menu. User can enable per application and lock screen rotation control.

Screenshot_2013-03-20-14-40-28 Screenshot_2013-03-20-14-40-36

Some other key features of this great tool include: true orientation lock, forced automatic rotation, and optimization for devices. This app can be installed for versions varying from 1.6 to 4.0. We tested it on 4.2.2 without any lags or crash’s. Notification controls would only work for version 3.0 and higher. Plus, reverse portrait and landscape is completely supported for version 2.3 and higher.


Next time if a screen fix is required, a slide down on notifications and a quick tap on icon can get you all the settings required for screen . Overall, its all in one app for screen rotation needs. Users can easily get it going without having a root and it supports all versions slash devices. WT recommends this application for your Android rotation-control needs.

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