Wednesday, September 23, 2020

How To Install Jelly Bean AOKP Build 1 ROM For Samsung Galaxy Note i717

Jelly Bean, the latest Android build was first launched on Galaxy Nexus and of-course Google Nexus 7. (First tablet to be launched by Google, manufactured by ASUS). Reviews and usability has been great so far on the stock version but as we all know about the huge ‘Dev’ community had a lot more hidden. This new release comes with both performance and experience such as Google Now, enhanced voice integration, notifications, browser, Android beam etc.

We have had Galaxy Note since it came out, for our own WT-purposes!. ICS update with Samsung was better than the 2.3.7, much smoother but the Samsung touch-wiz at times, lacks or lags something. Finally, AOKP developers at XDA shared their Jelly Bean build. And it was a pleasure installing it!. Its been more than 2 days since we have it running, with tons of apps and customization. Yet, we have to say that even though its not a stable build (release 1) its great. Its fast, with tons of options and a fully Jelly Bean feel to it. Let’s get into the steps on how to achieve so.


[alert type=’alert’]Make sure Galaxy Note is rooted and has updated recovery. We used CWM but it can be flashed via TWRP as well. Back up all your files and folders using whatever comforts you. Creating a NANDROID is recommended option. Use ROM Manager to backup your current ROM, in case Murphy’s law acts upon.[/alert]

1. Load following files into Note SD.

AOKP Build for Note
Google Apps

2. Restart device into recovery.

3. Wipe data / factory reset in recovery before flashing (recommended).

4. Install downloaded AOKP build from recovery.

5. Install Google Apps from recovery.

6. Reboot your device and daimn, you would notice AOKP start up logo and a boot animation.

Do the setup of your device, restore the backup and enjoy Jelly Bean build. Its stable, fast and so far we’ve had great battery life as well. A great ROM by AOKP. If you have any concerns, questions or queries unable to dealt with, follow the XDA thread. 

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