How To Fix Waiting For Location GPS Notification Message For Android

The integration of GPS into smart devices took technology to new heights. Both good and bad, which can be discussed. Being an Android user, at times its likely that GPS icon is visible in notifications bar. And when tapped, all one gets is ‘waiting for location’ message. Meaning either the location is too technical (not), or the device GPS is just not getting there. If we look further, it seems to be a problem with the GPS receiver on the device. Its not turned on all the time, though it turns on to obtain a position at required time. To fix this issue, user has to manually turn the GPS on and off a number of times, till the location is visible.

GPS Fix is app available free of cost from Google Play store which allows user to quickly overcome this problem. The end resolution is to decrease the time required to obtain position or location. Once the application is downloaded and installed, a simple tap on ‘Start Fixing’ button can remove majority of the hurdles within the GPS reciever and software. User can set GPS timeout based on minutes or an hour.

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We successfully tested this application for days on Galaxy Note running Samsung Kies (with similar GPS issue, waiting for location message). The app itself has received positive feedback on Google Play Store with number of different devices running Android. But there is a catch.

There is a free version available and like any normal user, one would think it would have advertisements running. But this free version does more than that, it has push ads as well as a bloat ware. (recently reported by users following app updates).

So the recommendation is to buy the paid version or have a proper ad – blocker installed on your awesome Android device.


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