How To Root HTC One X [Step by Step Guide]


Previously we reviewed an app available solely for One X, which lets user control the cores of the device for better battery life and performance. Some of us, would love to root it to get the maximum out of the device. In this article, we will share some easy steps which would allow you to root One X in couple of minutes.

Before we get into the process, make sure that HTC One X drivers are loaded. Click here to download drivers for Windows. Install and configure the downloaded driver. Make sure that USB debugging is enabled on One X. Navigate to Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging to validate.

1. Downloaded the required Root Files (Click here).

2. Extract the files and keep them visible on desktop.

3. Connect One X via USB cable.

4. Make sure the device is in Charge only mode. (pull down notification bar, and verify by tapping on USB connection type).

5. Run root.bat from the extracted Root Files (step 2).

6. Wait for the device to reboot. It would reboot number of times to validate the process.

Hurray, your device has been successfully rooted. Downloaded any Root apps from Google Play or own source, to check and verify that One X is rooted.

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