Wednesday, September 23, 2020

How To Sync iCloud Calendar And Contacts With Android

iCloud is huge among consumers. And a bit of twist comes in when those very consumers have a device running alien OS on it. That being Android. iCloud has a number of applications involved within itself. Mail, calendar, contacts, photos to name some. WT covered iCloud mail setup for Android a while ago. That was helpful for number of users for configuring mail settings. We are pleased to announce apps available for contacts and calendar sync for Android. Users can easily sync them from iCloud onto their Android device. Developed by dmfs, these apps are designed and optimized for syncing iCloud service. Lets get to know these applications a bit more.

Smooth Sync For iCloud Calendar

22The name speaks for itself. Users can sync iCloud calendar on their devices. It acts like a sync adapter for integration between the two. Simply enter account credentials, select calendar and sync would be in place. Both way or two way sync is one required feature which is present in this app. Sync intervals can be customized based on user needs. iCloud and Android users can also add multiple accounts, import calendar names and colors, sync alarms, and sync entire calendar.

On the contrary reminders are not synced and there is no push support as of yet. These can be expected in any future update. Above all, this works and works well. App is available on Google Play Store for $2.88 CDN.

Download Smooth Sync for iCloud Calendar


iCloud Calendar Using Android 4.1x

If you are using Android 4.1x, make sure to install this workaround application which is a fix. Apparently on 4.1x accounts are removed after a reboot.

Download iCloud Calendar

Smooth Sync For iCloud Contacts

UntitledSurprisingly the name speaks for itself again. iCloud contacts can be synced on to devices using Android. Enter account credentials after installing the app, make account selection and contacts are synced. Works just like Calendar app and is missing similar features as well. Contacts app is $3.88 CDN. Dollar more than Calendar app!.

Push is not supported as of yet though can be there in a future update. This app won’t sync contacts from other accounts to iCloud. i.e. Google account. Though, two way sync is possible between Android and iCloud itself. Multiple accounts can be added with automatic account discovery. Users can also create custom labels and sync contact photos.

Download Smooth Sync for iCloud Contacts


iCloud Contacts Using Android 4.1x

If you are using Android 4.1x, make sure to install this workaround application which is a fix. Apparently on 4.1x accounts are removed after a reboot.

Download iCloud Contacts for Android 

Two recommended applications for iCloud and Android users. We successfully tested these two applications on Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 4 running 4.2 (without installing the workaround app). Feel free to share your comments and or questions / thoughts if any!

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