HP Web OS 2.0 On Palm Pre 2


HP has official revealed the new Palm Pre with the updated Web OS 2.0. This is the only solid update to Web OS since its release in 2009. Palm Pre 2 is going to be the first phone by HP since they took over Palm. With a 3.1 in multi-touch screen, it comes with a slid out QWERTY keyboard. A 5 Mega Pixel camera with LED flash, extended depth of field , geo tagging and video capture are some imaging features of Pre 2.


Palm Pre 2 comes in with 16GB storage with USB mass storage support. Some built in features include email, web, messaging, contacts, calendar, video capture, camera, music, amazon mp3 store, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, YouTube, GPS & maps, mobile hotspot, touchstone and tasks and memos.

No Specific date has been given for the release as of yet, but according to Mashable the device is to be released first in France by SFR and later on in States.

Find more at Palm Official website

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