Iconduck.com – Free 100,000+ Icons, Illustrations, Graphic, Emojis

Looking for a solid design resource which is loaded with free icons and illustrations? Say hello to Iconduck.com. It’s a project which collects open source icons, emojis, graphics and illustrations – and tags them. User can land on site, do a quick search and find graphic contents. As of now, it contains more than 100,000 tagged assets which include icons, illustrations, graphics and emojis.

Home page will present you with a simple search and break down of free icon, emojis and illustration sets in an order. Select an icon and download it – it’s that simple. All of the icons downloaded as a part of review were in svg format. Click that permalink icon next to icon name (i.e. computer in this example) – to get to details page. Information such as license, possible use cases and the day it was added to Iconduck is available.

There is no clear indication of available formats. SVG was the only one visible for all icons. There are steps visible in description of icons on how to convert it to other formats. It’s a great design resource and is growing in terms of library of open source material. Worth a bookmark.! Also its a new product and is building up its library(You might not find the exact niche icon you are looking for).

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