Infographic About Impact Of Television On Child Brain

It’s a rule of nature. Everything, living or non-living has a good and bad side; pros and cons. It can be extremely good or extremely bad. Television is one of those inventions. It can claim guilt over a number of things. Yet, on the contrary, this media is a vast educational tool. From childhood to teenager, we travel around different countries and get to see people doing innovations, different cultures, and lifestyles. It can be a huge source of inspiration for many. And when that inspiration becomes extreme, it induces negative vibes and effects.

This infographic reflects some facts about the impact of television on a Child’s brain. We look at doctor recommendations, actual child habits, what they watch on tv, and how tv impacts a child’s brain overall. Graphics being light in colours with dark borders and colourful vectors give out a warm feel matching the topic line. Hence, making the graphic easier to read and calm for the eyes as well.

television infographic

source: OnlineCollegeCourses

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