How To Install CyanogenMod 7 On Samsung Galaxy S / Captivate / Vibrate



Earlier this year, we reviewed the CM7 modification for Nexus S. Yes, a Samsung device. Well the wait is over for all the Galaxy S, Captivate and Vibrant users. Now you can follow this step by step guide and modify your device to CM7.  Wondering what CM7 is ? Well, its is a custom firmware developed by a well known developer Cynaogen. It gives you full access to your device in terms of customization, capabilities, productivity and more. To carry on with this, you Android device has to be rooted no matter what!

Step by Step Guide

1. Make sure your Android device is rooted.

2. More than 80% charged with minimum 200MB of free space on internal SD

3. Dial *#301279*# to check if HSPA is disabled. Enable it.

4. Android 2.2 Froyo bootloader is a must!

5. Download Cyanogen Mod 7 kernel and update files.

CM7 for Captivate
CM7 for Galaxy S
CM7 for Vibrant


6. Mount the files on internal SD Card (/mnt /sdcard)

7.  Reboot your device in recovery via the boot loader

8. Navigate and apply

9. Reboot your device and update should run on its own. If it doesn’t reboot it again.

And you have successfully modified your device to CM7. Enjoy!. If any questions or concerns or difficulties installing it, click here!


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