Lenovo Tablet Delayed Because Of Honeycomb

honey comb

Lenovo made an impressive entry at this year’s CES in January 2010. It was all about ultra mobile notebook and tablet. Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid was a fascinating idea. With 11.6 inch screen with Qualcom Snapdragon, it was an appeal towards a greatly powered tablet.

It was supposed to run custom widget based Linux OS (Skylight). But now its getting different. The tablet as well as the notebook are getting revamped by Google’s Android. And now Lenovo is delaying their tablet plan in favor of the new upcoming version of Android ‘Honeycomb’.

Further more, Lenovo has also announced that they are in no plans to release a slate device until 2011, meaning Honeycomb is making them hold on to their plans.


source: cnet

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