Milanote – Online Whiteboard for Teams (Web App Review)

App utilization has increased globally when it comes to note taking, task management, and organization. Similarly, It jumps into a whole new level when we look at professional working environments and industries – web applications have taken over the old ways. There are a number of applications available on web and mobile markets to satisfy team and organization needs. These apps serve different purpose i.e. whiteboards, task management, brainstorming, creative, operations, etc. Offered features and simplicity becomes the key for optimal app usage.

Milanote – Online Whiteboard

In this article we are reviewing one of such apps. Milanote – a very simple way to organize your projects by creating whiteboards, and collaborating with your team. In a layman term – it is a whiteboard – where one puts sticky notes, create some tasks, structure them, move them around and at the end of the day take pictures and share them with wider team. We did a test run to see how well it performs and what are the features like.

To do a quick setup, create an account or use social login. Once in, a wizard does a walk-through of the first board creation. A board is always be needed to start off with. A template can be used to create boards. Template gives user a baseline layout to start off with (depending on the nature of project i.e. creative, start-up, development, marketing etc.).You can modify existing notes and drag in note to add a new one. We created this board using a template to have a working example. (see image below)

WT Board

The image displayed above or the board – becomes the go-to for a team. You can share notes as secured items (with password). Sharing will allow you to collaborate by adding to-do lists, images and comments. After adding a note, to delete it – simply drag it to trash can (on bottom left menu bar).

Mila note contains strong collaboration features in it which meets the cross functional needs. You can set a welcome message before sharing and also be able to generate HTML embed code.

Share board in a secure manner, make comments and get notified to collaborate on items with others. You can easily export the board to a PDF, or a linear document such as markdown or plain text.

There are a lot more configurations involved in some available tools in market. Naturally, that makes the setup process a bit complex and time consuming. The features are a lot different from other tools so there is no such comparison. But Milanote definitely stands out in simplicity. In terms of pricing – you can use Milanote for free and collaborate on 100 notes only. For $9.99 a month, get unlimited notes and the ability to search board and content. There is also a team plan available (for bigger teams).

Milanote also has mobile apps and desktop apps available. They support Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows. As a plus, download the Web Clipper to instantly save text, images, links and more from the web.

If you are a team and looking for a simple online whiteboard tool – this is a must try. Leave a comment and share your feedback.

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