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Monitor System Information With Customizable Floating Widget For Android


Looking for a all in one utility which can display different Android system information on one screen or maybe a widget? If yes, then this widget based tool called Cool Tool would be worth trying. It is a utility tool created for Android which displays different system information. The widget stays on top and floats over screen. It is fully customizable in terms of what needs to be displayed and how?! Users can customize every aspect of this tool from number of rows to be displayed to creating different labels.

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Available labels include CPU usage, frequency, available RAM, WiFi signal, battery level and much more. Launch the app after installation and main screen would appear. User can select data that is to be displayed on the widget’s graph. Text color, background color, update interval, number of rows and long tap action can be specified from this screen. Users can also specify network interface between WiFi and mobile traffic. Tab following is Labels which allows users to turn on specified labels. They can be customized in terms of color, order, prefixes and postfixes. Gauges tab enable users to pick graphical indicators which will appear on left side of the label.

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Sliders tab lays out additional customization in terms of panel width, font size, text opacity, graph opacity, gauge opacity and background opacity. Black list which appeared in a recent update gives user the ability to hide Cool Tool label in specified running apps. From Advanced tab, users can select themes, backup and restore app settings, and enable ICS hack. ICS hack fixes a small bug when status bar is drawn over Cool Tool label (For ICS running devices). All touch interactions will go through the label. Other features include drag and drop window, snap to edges, auto re-size window, run on start-up, multicore CPU gauge, smart colorize, and reset settings.

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Logging feature is available only in pro version. It allows users to save collected data to SD Card. Built-in task killer adds more to the over all capability of this simple yet neat tool. Cool Tool explains it self by the name. Its an app which will allow users to monitor every possible system information from battery life to memory in terms of labels and gauges. It is a widget which floats around your Android homescreen, can be placed anywhere and shuts off it self when low on memory. Download it and share your experience. This app was successfully tested on Galaxy Note, Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus based on usability and performance. WT recommends!


Cool Tool has some themes available in Google Play by the same developer. Click here to review the themes.

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