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Next Gen Graphing Calculator By Casio


Casio announced the release of PRIZM, the next generation of graphing calculator. A high resolution color LCD and various functions designed to assist are couple of the key features of this device. PRIZM includes the world’s first Picture Plot function that will enable user to plot graphs over curves and other familiar shapes in real life. The high resolution color LCD delivers full text book style display on PRIZM.


Featuring a color, 216×384 pixel display and 16MB of memory, you use the Prizm’s built-in USB port to upload an image into memory, after which you can draw a line over any object you like and see the secret, beautiful math of the pretty geometry at work. After you’re done, you can use this same USB port to display your work on any compatible Casio projector.

A neat and great device which will definitely enhance graphing in a more suitable way.

source: casio

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