Friday, November 15, 2019

Optimus Battery Saver: Control WiFi / Data With Modes To Save Juice On Android

There are literally tons, as in tons of Android applications which help users save juice on their enormous big screen smartphones. (they are available on other platforms as well, but again we concentrate more and ONLY on Android, so let it be!). Most of them have one common feature, i.e. Modes. User can set modes or profiles and use battery accordingly. It’s a simple concept as in for a specific profile, I want the wireless turned off and display on low brightness.

Long Story short, Optimus Battery Saver developed by SocialNetis is new in line. Recently released in Google Play Store, its less than a MB in size and is quite efficient. It has 5 default saving modes which can be configured via quick tap. Namely: General, Night, Super Saving, Weekend and Rush Hour. In General Mode, user can control WiFi and Data connectivity based on priority, screen, frequency and device reboot. Night Mode simply keeps all connections off overnight. User can turn it on, and adjust the start and end time. Super Saving allows users to control connections after battery reaches certain percentage.

Screenshot_2013-03-24-11-33-38 Screenshot_2013-03-24-11-33-20

Similarly toggles can be configured for Weekend and Rush Hour profiles / modes. Weekend profile allows user to set a start and end time stamp, as well as activate night mode. Rush Hour profile is similar to night mode. Set a start and end time with assigned frequency. The app is very simple for what it does. It might not be as advanced as others, but it gives users to control core features of device which take a lot of juice. Weekend and Rush Hour modes are available in the pro version which is available for $1.02. (not bad at all).

Screenshot_2013-03-24-11-33-49 Screenshot_2013-03-24-11-33-58

Plus, once Optimus is configured. User can access it quickly via a widget or notification bar. With quick access to settings, modes, battery, and controls. The application itself has received praise from developers as well as users. Still new in Market, its making the way with its simple and intuitive interface. Users can simply configure connections based on modes and can be turned off when the device is not in use, hence saving a lot of battery. Frequency helps to activate those modes and sync applications for a while and automatically turn them off. Again, helping you save juice.

Its all about juice, isn’t it?!.

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source: XDA Developers (forum)

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