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Overview of Mobile Application Development


Application development or more commonly App Development,  is the development towards a software application for handheld devices like iPhones, Android devices and more. At times, these applications come pre-installed on devices and at times users have to download them from native market place and install them. iPhone development came into being in 2004. Approximate cost in the development of the device was around $200 million and taken 30 months to complete. The whole concept of mobile phones has jumped into smartphones previously known has smart hand held devices (at times). These high tech-devices have tons of features which keep on advancing. And, because of such nature one can understand how they are different then general cell phones, technically and functionally.


Applications differ from platform to platform. And there are no such apps which would run on all platforms. Though for a single service provided can have different OS versions i.e. Skype is available to download for Apple iOS, Android, and others. Each platform has different application development criteria. All these smart platforms have came in existence in the last five years or so. It is important for average consumer to select smart operating system to fulfill their mobile requirements. Applications for these smart platforms are developed on SDK’s (Software Development Kit). These kits are available to developers for free to download and to work on.

Smartphone users can perform a lot of different activities on their devices like play games, listen to music, browse internet, shop, pay bills, manage tasks and calendars etc, etc. Every single thing possible to be automated in life might have an application available in native platform of OS. Mobile industry is a growing one. Its attracting consumers and commercials alike, and creating a lot of jobs for developers and creative people out there. It is rapidly growing and create enormous job opportunities. Business are attracting consumers through mobile applications and advertisements.

Keeping in mind about the competitors, new end devices are jumping in market within months. They occupy performance and compatibility towards all user needs. Currently Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android hold the major market. Though Windows Phone 7 / 8 have somewhat user coverage as well. Blackberry is still struggling hard to compete in the smartphone market with their latest devices and BB10 platform. In coming days we can expect 2 major open source platforms to make it to consumer market. Firefox OS and Ubuntu.

In mobile application there are 4 major technologies involved:-

1)      Web–based (HTML5/CSS3/JS) and related Frameworks (JQuery, Sencha)

2)      Native platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Mobile 7)

3)      Hybrid WebKit/Native

4)      Proprietary middleware and clients (Red Foundry)

The capabilities of Smartphones have been taken to the next level and in the coming years we can expect better and more robust applications to perform more complex functions in even better ways.  Today developers are developing new application everyday for attracting the users towards better way to simplify things in daily life.


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