Pin Shortcuts In Groups To Your Taskbar Using Bins In Windows 7

Are you a core PC user? love to do all sorts of customization! We are about to share a great tool in this article related to Windows 7 customization. Bins is a simple tool which will help you organize related applications, folders, directories on your Windows 7 taskbar. This cool yet simple tool will allow you to fit more and more shortcuts (of any sort) on your taskbar.

imageYou can organize application icons in groups which have similar use i.e. (internet explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc pinned in one bin for browsers).  Grouping taskbar icons, by combining related programs on your taskbar will reduce clutter and will give quick access to programs / applications. Its easy to use by simply dragging one icon on top of another. And is easily accessible in terms of a simple mouse over the group bin icon.

A great tool for quick Windows Icon Management for Windows taskbar.

Find out more about bin from developers! (Bins is priced at $25, student discounts available though).

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