Monday, September 28, 2020

Port / Install Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) To HTC HD2

HTC HD2, one of the most powerful Windows Mobile based devices made, gets a successful port of Android Ice Cream Sandwich, also known as ICS in short. This device was launched late 2009 with a decent 4.3 inch TFT capacitive touch screen. It came loaded with Windows Mobile 6.5,with HTC Sense UI, multi-touch screen, accelerometer sensor, and proximity mute. All the features of the device when it came to hardware did stand out and developers were key in further tweaks towards this great device.

One of the web’s greatest mobile development team, known as XDA developers recently developed an Android ROM for HD2. Developer tytung  from XDA has pushed Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) ROM for HD2. The ROM has been successfully tested and ported to HD2. Moving on, in some easy steps we will show you how to easily port ICS to HD2.

Before, we get into the process here are some files to download.

– Click here to download Nexus ICS for HD2 (for more mirrors, click here) (follow XDA, links broken)
Click here to download Kernel

1. Fully Wipe your phone. Power off your phone, and press / hold Volume Up and Volume Down. While holding the Volume buttons, press End/Power button.

2. A warning message will appear, release the volume keys.

3. Press Volume Up button to reset the device.

4. MAGLDR: Flash Nexus ICS for HD2 which is downloaded already and reboot.

5. CLIK: Flash Nexus ICS for HD2 and Kernel and reboot.

6. Your device should load in Ice Cream Sandwich.

This successful port has been tested yet some functionality is missing. USB Mass Storage, Camera, HW acceleration and headphone jack are still not working in this beta mode. To stay updated to the versions or if having problem doing the port, connect to this thread at XDA developers forum. The video posted below is about the ROM’s successful port. Although some parts are still missing, and a bit laggy on the over all performance, developers are hoping towards a more stable and working release.

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