Scroll SMS / RSS On Notification Bar With Quick Reply On Android


Browsing or watching a video, and a notification appears or the device beeps / vibrates!. Now pause yourself with whatever you’re doing, open the message and reply. Notification bar is one of the great option available by default on all Android platforms. But tweaks have always been made for customization. A new app / tweak has arrived on Google Play called, Scrolling Notification.

SC20120602-025049 SC20120602-025150

Just as the name says, it enables user to scroll the notifications with options for quick reply. Received a SMS message, tap on the scroll, type and send!. That simple. Worry no more of jumping back and forth between apps and the SMS center. Apart from SMS tickers and quick reply option, users can add RSS feeds for the scroll notification bar as well. Adjustments can be done towards the scroll speed, transparency, repeat, time difference between repeat, position, touchable scroll bar and more.


There is a free and paid version available. Free, with ads (naturally) and with some core options missing. Paid version includes ability to add and remove RSS, mark as read, customizable bar, speed and frequency settings, location settings and ads free. Neat and fast, yet its new so will require some updates to make it over all ‘friendly app’.

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  1. Hey! I’m the creator of the app 🙂
    Thanks for the article! Be sure to check the new version with Twitter, multiple bars and more!

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