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If you have ever tried on your desktops then you will definitely appreciate the app. let’s you stream channels that are streamed by users and people can simultaneously watch a movie and chat with other viewers watching the same channel. Exciting stuff considering you can carry all this fun in your pocket now and stream channels on 3G. The app can be downloaded right from the app store for $3.99 or free from Installous. Once downloaded, you get a very user friendly interface for channel selection. There is a search feature along with the choice of saving favourite channels. You can even put an alert for when your favorite channel goes live. So when it goes live you get an email alert or a pop up alert depending on what u choose from the app settings.

I would recommend that our readers try right now for free and get a feel of how this video channel concept works. My favorite way is going to there entertainment section and then selecting “series”, this gives you channels selection which includes south park, house, 2.5 men, fresh prince and most of our favorite shows. There are thousands of channels so you are bound to find something you like.

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You can also share this experience with friends. Desktop version has a chat on it’s one side where all the channel viewers can talk about the channel. Everyone is watching the same thing at the same time hence when you are laughing at a movie scene then the odds are your friend is too. Doesn’t matter if you are on desktop or an iOS device. This is made possible by the addition of chat button right besides volume control while you watch your movie. Tap the chat and a keyboard pops up with a transparent chat screen so you can continue watching and don’t miss a single shot.

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There you have it. The hands down best entertainment app ever. Your only concern will be to find a place where you can charge your device after hours of channels viewing.

Let us know which channel chat room do you hang out in.



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