Penguin Slider Is An iOS Game Created By Irish Students

Peguin-Slider Created By Students

Mark Thompson and Ashley Hunter, two 17 year old students at The Wallace High School, a 1200 student Co-educational Grammar school in Lisburn Northern Ireland, near Belfast has created Penguin. Penguin Slider is a game for the iPad (US $1.99) and for the iPhone (US $0.99) and iPod touch. Mark and Ashley were guided by […]

Skee Hoops A Unity 3D Game For Android and iPhone Users

Skee Hoops A game For Android And iPhone

Skee Hoops is released by Hairy Monster Studios, their latest game made exclusively for the iPad (Android OS 2.x or later). The game is made with elegant graphics and the Ageia PhysX engine, one of the most advanced physics engine for Android. Skee Hoops is not just another arcade game, it’s a twist combining Skee-Ball with […]

Zombie Defense Is A 3D Game for iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch

Zombie Defense 3D Game for Android Users

Zombie Defense is a strategy game for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The game was created by Droomdary LLC.  Zombie Defense is free to download, with the first three nights available. Extra nights after that will cost you. To begin with, you will have to prepare four armed survivors of a small Texas town who will be […]

Doodle Bowling Is An Android And iPhone 3D Game for Game Fanatics

doodle Bowling An Android 3D game

Doodle Bowling is an awesome, little bowling game for Android and iPhone users. But don’t get fool by simply looking at these bluntly drawn lines; it  is a full fledged bowling game with some nice graphics. Physics and scoring is all realistic and over dozen funky themes to unlock. You can unlock more backgrounds with […]