Wednesday, September 23, 2020

The Evolution Of Interactive Internet And Web Browsers [Infographic]

World Wide Web or the internet as everyone knows has been the ‘thing’ of this century. Access of information as well as money-making techniques have made their way beyond imagination. This interactive infographic, we are about to share looks at the evolution of internet browsers. Yes, we all know that it all started  with Mosaic browser which only survived few years but then it was the charm of Internet Explorer, Opera and Netscape Navigator which took the web to the next stage. Yet, today in 2011, we adore to use fast browsers like Firefox and Chrome, we still can’t forget the way it all started. Moving on, the infographic is well gathered and designed with timelines. Simply click any browser icon and it will give you a pop up screen with images from different versions.

Click To Play Infographic

Moving on, small notifications balloons let you know about the birth of major plugins and extensions at the same time i.e. html, css, flash etc. The designers have done a great job collecting all the resources and embedding it into single timeline which can be updated at any time.  A great infographic which made its way to everyone and WT archive.

Click To Play Infographic

source:  Evolution Of Web


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