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While Windows Phone 7 is in its earlier stage of release, there are more then 1000 apps currently available in the WP7 Market Place. Developers are keen towards developing core and neat apps for WP7. We still don’t know if it is going to be as big as Android and iPhone but WP7 looks promising till now. And core Windows Phone users have their fingers crossed just because amazing makes are coming in from HTC, Samsung and other big manufactures on its launch. In this post we will look at the top Windows Phone 7 apps till now.


Voxofon is a WP7 VoIP app that allows users to call Skype, GTalk and more from their device. It will work anywhere as long as you have cell phone coverage, no Wi-Fi connection is required. The app will be completely free for Skype and GTalk but for other VoIP services, users have to pay.



Mythings is a Windows Phone 7 task manager and a productivity app. User can store, manage and share their tasks and to-do lists with a quick and easy to navigate interface. Tasks can be defined within projects which can be shared by email and SMS messages instantly.



Pageonce (bill management on the go), a finance manager for Windows Phone 7 helps users to manage multiple accounts on a single page. It will help users monitor credit card transactions, check account status, view detailed bill statements, review investment portfolio, track points, and mobile usage.



Draw is a simple finger drawing tool for Windows Phone 7. Load pictures from your phone’s memory, camera or the web and draw on the top of them using different colors and brush styles. There are some default special effects which can be applied as well. Some features include, animated fills, colorful stamps, special effects, shake to clear and more.


Pictures Lab

This app is a daddy app for quick picture editing for mobile phones, believe so!. It comes with more than 20 adjustable and advanced effects like tilt shift, soften, auto adjust, sharpen, comic, bulge and many more. The app performs the image processing on the original size making it possible to print the image at original resolution. More features include editable effect parameters, crop and rotate, multi-touch manipulation, support for landscape and portrait, effect list with dynamic quick previews, flicking through the effects on the main page and state preservation when the app is deactivated.



User your Windows Phone 7 device as a personal document scanner. You can use your device’ camera to scan physical documents and save / send them to your inbox or email it as a JPG or PDF file. Basic editing features are present including align, rotate and crop. Key features include, scan, zoom in / out, align and crop, add text, scan multiple pages and save as a single file, send via email and choose size and quality of the scanned documents.



I RSS is a neat and simple RSS reader for Windows Phone 7 with a built-in email feature. Options are available to add feeds directly to the reader or users can choose feeds via webpages. Feeds can be imported or exported from other feed aggregations. Moreover, feeds can be sorted by date and source. Items can be flagged and search can be done as well. The app comes with push notifications and live tiles.



First Windows Phone 7 app that will let you print to any printer. It provides users with a free Windows host application that they can install on a computer attached to printer. This app supports PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, TIFF, JPG, GIF, PNG, TXT and HTML types. The host program can be installed on unlimited number of computers.


more is to come, as we keep on scanning a lot more apps, a lot of them are coming in , some are in the process of developing and some are still concepts!

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